Terms & Conditions


Share sites are online platforms which aim to pool the counties resources in one place to make life and business easier for as many people in the county as possible.

All ‘share’ sites are a trading name of GB Shared Ltd

Anyone can visit our ‘share’ sites free of charge and download the information available free on the site without creating an account.

Visitors can also create a free account should they wish to receive updates from the site. There are two types of accounts:

  • Free Users - Free users register their name/email address to create an account.
  • Paid Users - Paid users register their company name/email address and create a page listing displaying their company details.

Paid users must have permission from their organisation to do this.

All users (free or paid) will receive automatic notifications from the site based on their membership and their self-indicated preferences. These can be turned off if required.

Automatic notifications include such correspondence by email as; notification of your membership expiry date, notifications in line with your preferences eg: Job alerts, tender alerts, event and funding updates and other information indicated in your preferences along with our ‘opt in/out’ newsletters.

Registering for a free account will generate these auto notifications either by email or in your ‘share’ dashboard or both depending on user preferences.

Where a user generates a free account, they register using their name, email address and an auto-generated password. This information is stored within our website and CRM system for recording members details only and is not shared with any third-party organisations.

Member data is stored for a period of 12 months after which time membership automatically expires and data is removed from our system (website and CRM) unless the user re-registers with the ‘share’ site for another year.

The only instance of data being seen or held by a third party is with those parties who host either our website server or CRM system. These organisations are GDPR compliant and we have a written agreement about the safety of our/your data.

Member data is only stored to ensure their login credentials work correctly and to generate auto alerts in line with membership.

Additional marketing newsletters are released from ‘share’ sites on a weekly basis with updates about our activity, new members, news, events, training, funding, networking groups and other general information about Cumbriashare. Members can opt out of these by clicking the unsubscribe button at the bottom of our mailers. Opting out will removing marketing and news update communications but automatic alerts about your membership, tender and job notifications will not cease until a user ceases their membership or turns off email notifications. In this instance the notifications will sit on your ‘share’ dashboard.

We do not reveal your email address to 3rd parties, but members do have the option to create an ‘email me’ button on their page.


On creating a paid account on any ‘share’ site, the person making payment is consenting that they have company permission to upload business related data.

Payment details are not held by the ‘share’ site. For safety of information, we only retain the payment ‘code’ which is powered by Stripe to enable renewal payments. No payments are taken without notifying the registered member.

We regularly email our members to keep them abreast of ‘share’ activity and to provide information and statistics relating to their account.

Paid members can upload information to various areas of the ‘share’ platform, this includes;

Business Directory

Paid members can create a page listing on their ‘share’ site. A micro-page which details your business information for the purpose of marketing and raising awareness to your ‘share’ audience. You MUST have permission or be authorised by your employer to upload company information.

Email addresses will not be shown instead an ‘email’ us button will be displayed. This is to protect your personal information. Visitors and other members of ‘share’ sites are able to contact you using the ‘email’ us button on the site. Simply remove your email id if you do not require this option.

Your page will also (at your discretion) have the ability to share other company information including your address, business name, contact number, opening times, products and services for visitors to access. Only those paid members with company permission to ‘share’ this information should upload to ‘share’ platforms.

Paid members with business listings will have their business page listed live to a ‘share’ audience for one year unless otherwise agreed. Social media marketing will be carried out by the ‘share’ team to generate traffic to your page.

Business listings will be measured in terms of searches, contacts and website conversion rates. All other related areas of the site your organisation lists under will also be measured and the statistics made available to you via your dashboard or email report where this option is selected in your preferences.


Paid members can also upload ‘offers’ to ‘share’ platforms. These may include promotional offers or discounts. Offers will hit the latest feed on our site and be promoted to our network of followers via the site, news and social media channels.


Paid members can upload job vacancies based on the roles that become available in their organisation. Job vacancy alerts are automatically sent to those registered with the site for job alerts in a that sector. The ‘share’ site team will promote vacancies via the site, social media and our newsletters to encourage applications.

Jobs will automatically fall off the site and stop being promoted at the ‘deadline for applications’ date or the expiry of the related membership.


Tenders is a member only feature and is therefore restricted to paid members only in terms of access. Basic information will be displayed in the latest feed but only paid members can access the full information.

Users can choose via their member preferences to issue or receive tender notifications. Any tenders uploaded on the site can only be via a paid member who must have company permission to share the opportunity and upload the information.

Users can turn off or increase their tender notifications at any time.

Tenders will be promoted via the site, social media and our newsletters as well as via user notifications.

The aim of the tender portal is to support the reduction of carbon footprint in our counties, to encourage spending locally and help our county prosper.


Paid members (at Gold level and above) are able to upload their company events to the share site. Events should be related to the company listing. Advertising events for 3rd parties is prohibited and could result in your membership being removed.


Paid members (at Bronze level and above) are able to upload their company events to the share site. News should be related to their company listing. Advertising news for 3rd parties is prohibited and could result in your membership being removed or the news piece being declined.

News uploaded will be checked and verified and published or declined by the ‘share’ manager.

We aim to have uploaded news published within 3 working days.

Skills & Training

Paid members (at Gold Level and above) can upload themselves as a skills and training provider where their organisation offers training. This enables ‘share’ teams to promote the organisation as a training provider.

We ask that individual courses are not promoted here but the company is listed as a provider of training and indicate their delivery specialisms.


All our ‘share’ sites have a funding portal. This is managed by ‘share’ teams, but we welcome information from members or visitors to the site, who find suitable ‘share’ funding for promotion to forward this for inclusion. Where funding is deemed eligible and appropriate for upload, we will endeavour to check, verify and upload this to the site.


All our ‘share’ sites have an awards section where local awards are promoted to ensure our visitors. Paid members at Gold level and above, can provide details of their awards for promotion.

Awards will be promoted via our site, newsletter and social media channels.

Networking Groups

All our ‘share’ sites have a Networking Groups section. This aims to help businesses in the county make an informed choice when it comes to selecting the right group for them. Only paid members at Gold level and above can list themselves as a networking group. All groups will be promoted to raise awareness of the group via our news, emails, site and/or social media platforms.

Statistical information regarding page views, enquires etc. will be available via the ROI report in member dashboards.


Only Platinum members will have access to full ‘property for sale’ section and be able to upload/view this section. This is to ensure only ‘serious’ buyers or investors go through to our ‘property/business for sale’ section and only serious properties and investments are uploaded.

All paid members will be able to view the ‘property for let’ section to help their property/office search in the county. Only platinum members will be able to upload to these sections however.

Properties can be displayed for an unlimited time frame but will expire with any related listings once membership expires.


Online employer forums are available through our ‘share’ sites. These are also available for sponsorship and will be ‘run’ jointly by the ‘share’ team and the sponsor.

No offensive content can be uploaded to our forums. They are highly monitored. Any offensive uploads could result in users being removed from the forum and having their membership revoked without refund.

Forums are intended to ‘share’ best practice, to help businesses through the provision of local advice, guidance and signposting.

Sponsors of our forums is not allocated on a first come, first served basis, there is a process in place to ensure all our sponsors are best place to lead that sector and decisions will be made at the discretion of the management team and ‘share’ stakeholders.


Various areas of each ‘share’ site are available for sponsorship. Usually these will represent a sector. Companies wishing to sponsor should email and submit their sponsor request. Sponsors will be selected based on their position to best lead the chosen sector.


Where members pay by card, after one year, membership will automatically renew using the same card, unless you login and downgrade to a free account prior to expiry.  Members who pay by invoice, will receive an invoice notification 2 weeks prior to their renewal.  Members can either; auto renew, pay the invoice to renew, or login and downgrade to a free account to close their account.

In year cancellations do not warrant a refund in full or in part, unless a complaint is upheld.

Complaints should be registered at

We aim to respond to any complaint within 3 working days.

Cancelled subscriptions will result in related listings being removed from the ‘share’ platform.

Customer contact information will also be deleted from our system including any email addresses.


Members are only able to upload information in line with their membership package and about their own (not others) organisations and only where permission has been granted by that organisation.

We may introduce you to other ‘share’ members where a request is made or we see a suitable connection to collaborate, parties will be asked permission prior to introductions.

Membership will last for 1 year unless otherwise agreed in writing.

All users will be presented with a dashboard of statistics on logging into the system. This is your Return On Investment report and shows a complete set of measured activity received from your membership.

Dashboard / Return on Investment reports can be emailed to the organisation if indicated so in the user preferences.

‘Share’ logos are available to our members for us on their marketing, email, websites and signature strips should they wish. We ask that logos are retained in size to ensure our image is never displayed distorted.

Members may not upload third party events, news or to any other ‘share’ site sections unless they are directly involved.

Members should not share their login or password with third-parties.

No lewd or offensive information/material can be uploaded to the system.

Stories submitted must be positive and newsworthy. All stories will be checked and published by our editing team for suitability.

Each ‘share’ site manager reserves the right to remove or not publish inappropriate content.

Charities who join at Silver level or above, are eligible to receive their membership at half price presuming they can provide a charity registration number.

Terms last updated 27/01/2020.