Your telephony and broadband services are changing, plan for the changes now.

Your telephony and broadband services are changing, plan for the changes now.

Your telephony and broadband services are changing, plan for the changes now.

Posted: 17/05/2021

Broadband services have always been a 'bolt-on' to the voice line due to the evolution of internet technology. First we had analogue transmission along a voice line, then we had digital transmission along a voice line but filtered to separate the two signals (voice and internet channels). Now the voice signal (PSTN) is being terminated completely, leaving just a digital data line known as SoGEA (Single order Generic Ethernet Access).


Single order Generic Ethernet Access is BT's entry level data only ethernet service, carrying all your data requirements. It is still provided as a FTTC (Fibre To The Cabinet) service, utilising the existing copper cabling to your premises. However, it does require a different termination box and will incur an installation charge. Apart from the lack of a PSTN voice line, the service is very much the same including the use of the same wireless routers. Find out more..

What about the voice line

Although the SoGEA service does not include a voice line, it does not mean voice services are coming to an end. In fact, with voice calls still being the most popular form of business communication, it is more appropriate to say 'Evolving'. To that end, voice communication provision, including your telephone number, will transition to a separate digital voice provider.

How can iDC Business Communications help

We are ideally placed to support your business with the provision of SoGEA data lines (BT installed) and voice services via our Microsoft Teams provisioning within Microsoft Office 365 cloud services (Microsoft Partner).

SoGEA installation and setup

We simplify the transition of your data service from your existing voice/broadband provider, monitoring and keeping you updated as the new installation progresses. We provide a new business grade wireless router and visit the premises to confirm a satisfactory installation. Ongoing support is always available to ensure the data service meets your needs.  

Microsoft Teams installation and setup

If you already employ Microsoft Office 365 services within your business, we are able to work with your current provider. We are also able, being a Microsoft Partner, to provide a completely new Microsoft Office 365 tenant. 

We transfer your telephone numbers, allocate the numbers to users and provision virtual attendants and call queues to your requirements.

At this point, you have a totally flexible communication service, being able to take audio and video calls wherever you have an internet connection, no longer restricted by the phone line in your office.

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