The secret to a healthy working week

The secret to a healthy working week

The secret to a healthy working week

Posted: 23/04/2021

The secret to a healthy working week

Busy busy? Todays challenge is right up your street. 

When was the last time you weren't on the back foot? 

I didn't say "not busy", I said on the back foot...the defensive...doing the headless chicken dance with your business.

80% of your focus should be on generating revenue for your business. 

I said 80%

whether that's generating lead magnets, writing web copy, attending sales meetings with prospective clients, networking and on and on...anything else in your business life you can get someone else to do for you...

someone that enjoys:



human resources, 

buying the tea bags and milk, 

the VAT return. 

answering emails,

organising the company xmas do

and on and on and on...

Delegation is critical to success, it is a hard skill to master. If you don't have anyone in your business that can do the things for you...

recruit someone! 

or outsource these things!

Free up some diary space so you can fill that space with billable work that you can collect monies to then outsource something else, and more and more and more until you have that 80/20 ratio in favour of sourcing new revenue. 

Otherwise, you will just spend all your time running around doing the jobs that will not bring in revenue. 

"Surround yourself with experts in their chosen field...and pay them well." 

Quote by Robert Kiyosaki

****Today's challenge**** 


Write down a list of ABSOLUTELY every activity you have done today, this week perhaps - and underline all the things you could get someone else to do, probably should get someone else to do, and categorically can't get anyone else to do, and see how far off that 80/20 ratio you are.

STEP 2: Later

Make a plan - including milestones and deadlines of when you want these things to be done and by when...

what's it going to take in terms of resources to make that happen? 

You now have a plan to work at that will allow you to build up to spending 80% of your time generating new orders, let's face it... it's the fun part of business!!  

Make a stand and make a plan. 

Best wishes


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