Remember all that fuss about GDPR? 4 things to do today

Remember all that fuss about GDPR? 4 things to do today

Remember all that fuss about GDPR? 4 things to do today

Posted: 26/03/2021

So much has happened since the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) came into effect in 2018 that businesses are in danger of forgetting their obligations to comply with the new laws. If you’re still a bit in the dark about the rules or have let your GDPR practices slip, it’s time to take action.

So, what can you do TODAY to start your journey to full GDPR compliance?

1. Get prepared
start thinking about GDPR and raise awareness in your business (however small).

2. Get informed
There is lots of GDPR information and advice that you can find out online for yourself about GDPR. and ICO are great places to start.

3. Get a clear picture
The best place to start your journey to compliance is with an audit of all the personal data held by your business. Here are some of the questions you need to be answering:

  • What personal data do you hold?
  • Where did it come from?
  • Who do you share it with?
  • Is your website privacy notice up-to-date?

4 Get expert help
Robust GDPR practices are the only way to protect your customers’ data and be compliant. We can help you put systems in place so you’re always on top of data protection.

Get started today with our GDPR Check & Change services

For a low fixed price we will:

  • Analyse how you store and use the personal data you hold
  • Identify any gaps in GDPR knowledge, processes and compliance
  • Update or develop tailored processes that may include (but are not limited to): privacy notice, data protection policy, data breach policy, subject access request policy and third policy vendor assessment.
  • Provide a communication briefing for you to deliver to your staff.

For more information or to sign up for the GDPR Check & Change service, please email or call 07969 900864.