Paygent Saves Local Businesses Money!

Paygent Saves Local Businesses Money!

Paygent Saves Local Businesses Money!

Posted: 04/10/2021

Most businesses are always looking for ways to save money, and sometimes this can seem like a really tricky task.  One easy way to consider savings is with me, Lisa Harrison from Paygent.

If you take payments via face to face or phone, then a call to me could be worthwhile.  I have been working hard in the local area by looking at the rates local businesses pay with their card machine transactions and associated costs, and I have had some great results.  I had a fabulous September, and recently worked with the Coach House in Bowness where the owners take payments through a chip and pin machine.  After analysing their statement, 95% of their transactions were taken over the phone and an additional fee was being added because of this. By correctly advising a new solution for their business to reduce cost, the Coach House changed to a Paygent virtual terminal so they can take payment over the phone in a cost-effective way.

And now for the good news – they are receiving a 30% saving on this!

So, was it a long hard process for them . . .? The answer is No!

This is how I do it - I explain the options and how pricing works. I analyse the previous bill statements, I looked at the deals that are out there and where savings can be made.  Once any solutions found are discussed and the go ahead is given by the customer, I sort the paperwork and I install the terminal. Hey presto – the customer makes a saving, and I’m one happy lady, knowing that I have helped yet another business!

My ask of all you lovely Cumbriashare businesses - please chat with me.  I offer a FREE review of your statements, so there is nothing to lose – only potentially your money if you don’t take up this offer.