October Newsletter

October Newsletter

October Newsletter

Posted: 04/10/2023

Box Box Solutions has been super busy exhibiting over the last few weeks - with stands at the Cumbria Business Expo at Carlisle Racecourse, and then in Workington for the Cumbria Chamber of Commerce's Conference Cumbria. 

It's been amazing to get out to both of these events and meet so many new people, and so much fun getting everyone to take part in the Box Box Challenge!

This is Andrew Armitage from A Digital in Kendal with his winning tyre change!!

Have you tried......

Geoff Ramm’s 120-second challenge, or the Crazy 8’s exercise?

If you google it there are a few different ways that you can do this exercise, but essentially they are both brainstorming techniques that help you to come up with new concepts and initiatives.

The objective is to generate as many ideas as you possibly can in a set time frame (Geoff says 2 minutes, Crazy 8's says 8 minutes).

Don't analyse the ideas too much or worry about how you might achieve them right now, just get them written down. Do it in a group so you can bounce off each other, and the crazier the idea the better.

From there, you can then delve into the ideas and see which ones could actually be workable as a project.

Think about one of your business goals where you are struggling to make progress, and try it out.

Have you had your free consultation yet?

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