Lancashare Day 2019 is finally here!!

Lancashare Day 2019 is finally here!!

Lancashare Day 2019 is finally here!!

Posted: 13/09/2019

3 years ago a revolution started in Lancashire... after almost 20 years in the public sector, I gave up my beloved job in education to focus on 'sharing' all that I knew about our county, what's available here in Lancashire and a way to showcase all who reside in her... 

It was a crazy concept to give up a secure job to stand in the middle of a county and ask people to climb on board a concept that had never been tried before, collaboration on a county-wide scale!  I knew I'd never make it work unless I had the backing of the business community, so how do you get hundreds and hundreds of businesses grasping the idea of countywide collaboration?  I spent 3 years on the road, on the ground, exhausting myself by sharing.  I'd share a job, it would help an employer fill a vacancy and help someone into work.  I'd share funding, it would help the funder's reach the right people and help the people access some much needed support, and so it continued... 3 years on hundreds are sharing, and not just in Lancashire...  in 2018 we rolled out Mancheshare and in February 2019 Cumbria businesses started sharing too... !

Giving up my career was my boldest move to date, I was a mum, a foster carer and I'd given up everything I'd worked for.  But one thing I never did was underestimate the power of collaboration or the passion from businesses about their county.  

We're now approaching our 3rd birthday, and the impact and progress made is huge, because of you and hundreds more who collaborate for a better county.  We've launched more counties, we've been nominated for 11 awards, we've been officially approved as northern powerhouse partners and so much more.  The collective 'pooling' of information has led to our efforts supporting the reduction in carbon footprint as we create local supply chains and keep more opportunities in our county.  We're embedding social values, we're impacting unemployment rates, we're sharing (over £300m of tender opportunities) but we're also sharing advice, jobs, funding, events, awards, networking groups, property, we're connecting businesses and so much more, and we're doing it together, we only succeed when we ALL work as one.

By way of thanks, we organise a huge event every year, on Lancashire Day (or Lancashare Day) to bring together hundreds of businesses, to say thank you, to feed them, entertain them, update them, show them the impact THEY are having on our glorious county. ( There's always something a little radical up our sleeves too!)   Cumbria will follow suit, with it's own Cumbria Day celebration (I look forward to seeing you all there) but until then, feel free to join us in celebrating our county and all we have and continue to achieve, full details can be found here... with no event quite like it, it's one you wont' want to miss!

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