Introducing Y.I.B.E.

Introducing Y.I.B.E.

Introducing Y.I.B.E.

Posted: 29/02/2020

This week (2nd March) sees us launch YIBE, the Youth Independence Business Enterprise. The concept is a very simple one, it's aim is to re-introduce the traditional Saturday, Weekend or Seasonal jobs that teenagers used to have.

Set up by business owner and mum Bonnie Hibbs, we aim to bring together a group of business owners who are looking to give an opportunity to teenagers to learn about working for a wage, responsibilities, commitment and improve confidence. We are also looking at building a group of teenagers who are looking for said jobs, to get them out and about on a weekend, give them objectives, and learn the importance of money.

It's not just about finding some work for a few youngsters for a couple of weeks. Once the concept is up and running, we will be inviting business owners to come and talk to the group of 'kids' on a regular basis to go over topics such as financial planning, business options and how to look ahead.

We are also looking at working with the group of teenagers and give them responsibility of putting together marketing options for the scheme, creating and managing a website and also present to the businesses on topics of their choice (social media will be on the list!!!!).

A website is on the way, for now please contact Bonnie and 07554 050505 or join our Facebook group