How Do You Get Into The Success Zone? - Part One: Mindset

How Do You Get Into The Success Zone? - Part One: Mindset

How Do You Get Into The Success Zone? - Part One: Mindset

Posted: 15/09/2020

Everybody wants success these days—and who can blame them?

Job stability has never been in such jeopardy, leading people to take on second, third, and even fourth jobs just to survive. The cost of food, fuel, and other goods and services is forever rising, and day by day we seem to slip further and further into personal and household debt through the repeated use of credit cards and loans. We know these take an increasing toll over our lives, but we just don’t know how to escape the misery. #Crikey!

This I where I come in. If you’re ready to take on board some new ideas and apply them to your daily routine, then I have a simple, five-step system that can help. Whether you are looking to break free from your dead-end job, start or grow a new and profitable business, get on the best track following school, or simply wanting to create a better life for you and your family, by following my model for success, your better life WILL start coming your way. 

This is the first of five articles where I will share with you some of the key points from the model I have created. Why not try putting the recommendations into action, and let me know how you get on. Remember to check back weekly too, to get a fuller insight into how I coach professionals and entrepreneurs to break free from their blockages and create  better life to which they aspire.



Our brains are truly remarkable. They are more powerful than the most powerful computers in the world, yet we use only a fraction of their capability. #TapThatPotential.

Fortunately, just like computers today, our brains can be upgraded, and that all starts with mindset.

In the simplest terms, your mindset is what you say to yourself when you talk to yourself —and we all talk to ourselves, so don’t worry about that! Talking to ourselves isn’t the problem, but what we say to ourselves when we talk to ourselves CAN be! 

The simple truth about our minds is this: what you put in determines what comes out. The things we value (our priorities), and the things we do and the way we do them (our behaviour) are products of our learning, and because we learn dramatically different things when we are active about our learning instead of passive about it (spoiler alert for next week's news article!), it is essential that we treat our minds (and therefore our mind-set) with the utmost respect and care that we can. This means looking after its physical health as well as choosing wisely what goes in to it. #BrainLove.

Let’s look at two different types of mindset - the ‘Fixed Mindset’ and the ‘Growth Mindset’. In simple terms, the Fixed Mindset is like a dead tree branch (bear with me here): it’s inflexible and brittle, and so snaps when under even the slightest bit of stress (to us, this may be criticism, doubt, limiting belief or fear). It won’t grow; it is what it is. Its only progression is into decay.

The analogy with decay is important here. You may think that with a Fixed Mindset you will always be able to perform to a certain level or standard, but this is simply not the case. The world is forever changing and evolving, and so contributions from those with a Fixed Mindset become less valuable over time. Society continues to advance without them #NotTheBestPlan.

A Growth Mindset is more like a young, living tree. It is supple and accommodating of its stressors. It buries its roots deep into the ground (learning) and as it does so, it is able to reach increasingly higher (achievement) and grow even more new, young branches (new knowledge, skills, and abilities) that then allow it to live a long life. The best trees even bear fruit—and these are the people who give back to their community or wider society—think philanthropy, charity, and other worthwhile ventures (I include public speakers, coaches, teachers and trainers within this because we’re all about the give-back too). ?

The ‘Fixed versus Growth Mindset’ model enables us to simply identify what mindset we are in at any one time. However, it is not the only way we can view mindset. If you have found this article of interest and helpful to you, you can access my full pdf text on this and the rest of the success model absolutely free via

I'd be really interested to hear how it has helped you.

Bye for now.

Harry Armistead

Success Coach and author of The Unstoppable Entrepreneur