Finding an Adoptive Family for Thea & Hope

Finding an Adoptive Family for Thea & Hope

Finding an Adoptive Family for Thea & Hope

Posted: 20/08/2020

Over half of the 2,800+ children waiting for adoption right now have brothers, sisters or both. Thea and Hope are sisters currently waiting for an adoptive family; this family could be you!

They both have different personalities and interests. The sisters aged 7 and 6, would benefit from a two parent family who are:

Open * Affectionate * Energetic * Warm and nurturing * Patient * Accepting of difference * Love the outdoors * Positive * Fun * Able to provide clear routines and boundaries.

Hope and Thea really want to stay together, they take it for granted that theywill always live together and will never be separated. They are family and the only people in the world who can truly understand their story the way they do.

We couldn’t possibly tell you everything about this sibling group on this short profile, but what we can tell you is that they deserve a loving family to call their own from now until…forever!

You do not need to be an approved adopter to enquire about Thea and Hope. We will support you along the way and provide training.

We welcome expressions of interest from two parent families with or without children, who feel they can offer Hope and Thea a forever home through adoption. We are proud members of New Family Social and we welcome enquiries from the LGBTQ community.

To find out more about Hope and Thea contact us on Tel: 07788 463 909 or email: