Does your CV need a make over?

Does your CV need a make over?

Does your CV need a make over?

Posted: 19/10/2021

What does St John’s Staff Hire offer? 

We offer a 5 star service, which is CV improvements where we take your CV from a plain template of an orignial CV into an employer friendly CV.

As we see 200-300 per year we know what employers are looking for and what stands out. 

Often we higher your chances of future employment after you are done working for us and at a non entry position as you have on your CV the relevance that employer is looking for. 

We want to get good jobs for good people! That is our mission as a business. 

We also offer a self-branding package, which is a 3 step guide on how to match your CV to the answers you provide in an interview. 

It also provides that essential preparation that is needed before an interview. 

If you would like any CV help or to see the 3 step guild please contact us

We are happy to help!