Brexit impact on your workforce

Brexit impact on your workforce

Brexit impact on your workforce

Posted: 12/11/2020

Joanne Stronach Director and Head of Employment & HR shares some useful information in a post Brexit world.

Brexit will impact on your workforce in a number of ways, including:

  • From January 2021 there will be a new immigration regime
  • EU/EEA/Swiss nationals who wish to live and work in the UK
  • Recognition of qualifications
  • Travel (visa requirements, passport rules)

Existing employees of UK companies who are EU nationals will need to apply for settled status.

It is important to plan for cut-off dates and any differential status that might apply to new arrivals to the UK.

Do you employ UK nationals living in the EU/EEA/Switzerland? If so, check out this government guidance:

Do you have staff that travel to the EU for work, if so, check out the guidance for travel and visa requirements for the EU here:  

Here to Help

Cartmell Shepherd are the only law firm in Cumbria who are members of the UK200Group and are pleased to be able to offer in conjunction with UK200 the following useful information to help SMEs prepare for Brexit:

Preparing for Brexit: A Guide for SMEs

15point Action Plan

Brexit brings with it many changes, therefore it’s important that you take the necessary actions to protect your business and ensure you can continue to trade.

If you are looking for guidance and advice that is specific to your business and circumstances, please contact Joanne on 01228 585714 or click here to send her an email.