Apple MagSafe and how is it going to help you

Apple MagSafe and how is it going to help you

Apple MagSafe and how is it going to help you

Posted: 21/01/2022

Apple first brought out MagSafe functionality with the iPhone 12, but what is it and how is it going to help you in your daily business life. Well, for MacBook users, you can compare this to the magnetic attachment provided by the device to keep the charging cable attached. Bring the charging cable close to the power socket and the cable seems to attach itself 'by magic'. But why is this important with mobile phones?

Wireless Charging

Charging of mobile phones wirelessly has been around for quite some time now, since the iPhone 8/X and in many Android phones. However, to get the best charge wirelessly, the phone has to sit on the wireless charger exactly in the right place. If you only get fifty percent coverage of the charger, your charge time will be longer.

MagSafe Charging

Looking at this positioning problem, Apple decides to use the same concept used in their MacBooks, the wireless charger (more importantly their wireless charger) exactly attaches to the back of the mobile phone, giving the best power transfer. As an added bonus, Apple increased the power rating of the charger to 15 Watts from 7.5 Watts to give a much shorter charge time too.

MagSafe Cases

In addition to the positional problem affecting wireless charging, we all like to fit cases on our phones to save them from scratches and more serious damage. Of course having the phone further away from the charger, depending on the thickness of the case wall, also reduces the effectiveness of the charger. It would also reduce the magnetic ability of the phone to maintain contact with the charger.

Enter the MagSafe case from Apple, so magnets in the wall of the case allows the charger to attach in exactly the right position, very much like the action of the phone itself. As expected, these are not cheap but are currently available from Amazon (


We have provided our own branded silicone case JACKETZZ since the introduction of the iPhone 7 and currently have a JACKETZZ case for the iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro which are wireless charging capable but do not include MagSafe functionality. That will soon change, with the MagSafe JACKETZZ case coming out in late March 2022. 

It will be fully MagSafe compatible, even with the animation function (the circle on the screen when the charger is attached). Initially for the iPhone 13 phones, and subsequently for the iPhone 12 models. Our own branded MagSafe charger will follow, adding to the growing ecosystem.

This is an exciting start to 2022 for iDC Business Communications and we continue supporting existing and new clients requiring telephony and mobile services.