About me and my partner company RINGANA

About me and my partner company RINGANA

About me and my partner company RINGANA

Posted: 05/10/2021


I'm Sonja a nutritionist and social worker from Austria. In wintertime I live in Tirol in the middle of many different Skiressorts and in summertime you'll find me on the hills in the beautiful Lake District.

What you give into your body and on your skin has a great effect on your health and that's why it's so important to check your products in your kitchen and in your bathroom.

Since a few years I work together with the Austrian company RINGANA, which produces the only FRESH products and supplements in Europe. 

RINGANA is over 20 years on the market and they have an answer to all of the needs that define the market today - from health to veganism, and naturalness to sustainability.

RINGANA consistently takes a clear line: FRESH. EFFECTIVE. And, naturally, they operate ETHICALLY. And for them, ETHICAL-friendliness doesn’t only mean protecting the environment but those around us as well. That is why they not only conserve resources and operate sustainably, but they are also fair to all of their partners – from procurement of raw materials through to selling their products. The result: pure and effective fresh skin care that can be used with a clear conscience.