Authorised Partner

Authorised Partner

Authorised Partner

Closing: 30/04/2020

Position: Permanent

Hours: Part-time



Address: Kendal LA9, UK

Most people say that a few extra hundred pounds each month would make a big difference to their lives.

In today's current climate, however, most people also agree that a regular, royalty-like income would give them the financial security that is needed for very uncertain times.

There are a few ways to earn a decent royalty income: write music for chart-topping bands, become a best-selling author, or invest great sums of money in stocks and shares but these options are often out of reach for most of us.

There are also a few different ways to earn extra immediate cash: get a second job (or third or fourth), win the lottery, or inherit, but again, these have drawbacks.

UW is like a mini-franchise but with no stock to buy and no ongoing costs. The company has been operating for over 20 years and during this time it has grown to be one of the UK's most successful companies - listed on the London Stock Exchange - and winning Which? Awards for at least the last decade. 

I am looking for existing professionals to operate primarily within and around the Kendal area as we seek to double our business to 4% of the UK market over the next few years. The role is part-time with hours to suit so it will fit around any other personal or professional commitments that you have.

You will be fully trained and supported to gather customers both virtually and in-person. For all qualifying customers, you will be paid up to £350. The amount you earn each month will depend upon your activity but £500-1,750/mnth is typical for new starters.

No experience necessary. Aged 18+. Ideal candidates will have access to their own vehicle.