GET SMARKETING: 5 must have revenue channels to slingshot your 2021 income

GET SMARKETING: 5 must have revenue channels to slingshot your 2021 income

GET SMARKETING: 5 must have revenue channels to slingshot your 2021 income

Date: 03/02/2021

Address: Cumbria, UK

Hosted by: SME Skills Academy

Many businesses have different Sales and Marketing plans, but they are rarely aligned and target different things: A disjointed approach that doesn't promote efficiency in your business.

Being pulled in 2 directions quite often gives a net movement of 0!!

OUT WITH THE OLD, IN WITH THE NEW: In order to get back on track after 2020 de-railed everyone's business plans we need to not only catch up what we missed in 2020 but accelerate to generate even more revenue in 2021.

Cash is king and we need it to survive, when we've got healthy levels of cash coming in we can use it to grow our businesses into the powerhouses that are industry leaders.

The SME SKills Academy and Chroma Marketing present: "SMARKETING", a webinar that brings together these Strategies of Sales and Marketing to create success...together.

You will learn HOW to identify your ideal target client avatar, brought to you by the fantastically talented Laura Norman of Chroma Marketing based in Yorkshire in the UK.

With the correct Ideal client avatar identified, you can then use the SME Skills Academies 5 channels EVERY business needs on their Sales Strategy to source and close your ideal prospects. Nigel Brookes one of the Partners at the Academy based in Lancashire in the UK will demonstrate how this strategy will yield the revenue you need to exceed your monthly and annual targets to make your aspirations a reality: simply by delivering the value that your company already does to MORE of the RIGHT kind of people.

This webinar is right for you if:

  • You want to make 2021 the start of the year you didn't have last year,
  • You are in/own a business that wants to grow,
  • You have been brave enough to start a business because of Covid and want some advice on how to ensure it succeeds,
  • Sales and Marketing are concepts you've come across but don't know how to maximise the results you get from them,
  • 2021 is the year you are going to DOMINATE your market space,
  • Your business was hit hard by economy changes in 2020 and are struggling to recover from it,
  • You are open to making changes in your business and do whatever it takes to make it succeed,

This webinar isn't for you if:

  • Growth isn't on your current agenda,
  • You aren't likely to take MASSIVE ACTION to implement the techniques delivered,
  • You don't like making changes in your business.

As an added bonus and a thank you for registering, every business that registers will receive a free business discovery session with one of our speakers to go through the actions they need to double their turnover in 6 months...completely FREE, totally bespoke and non-obligational.

"Success isn't something you's something you trap."

(Jim Rohn)

What you need to do is figure out how to make the net that will trap it, hold it and how to wield it.

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