Jane Sedgwick Travel Counsellor

Jane Sedgwick Travel Counsellor

Jane Sedgwick Travel Counsellor

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14 Jocks Hill, The Sands, Brampton CA8 1UT, UK

01697 970001

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Business Owner at Travel Counsellors, specialising in leisure and business travel, offering personal bespoke travel solutions. I'll save you time, and I'll definitely take the hassle out of your travel planning. All you have to do is pack your bags and turn up.

With over 30 years' experience in the travel industry, I have first hand knowledge to provide all your business and leisure travel requirements.

I have instant access to flights, car hire and hotels throughout the world, and offer a prompt and efficient service. Do you book your own travel, or does someone in your company spend time booking your business travel? I save you time by using a live airline booking system thus eliminating your need to search endless internet sites for the lowest fares or best hotel rates, even those expensive business class fares. Depending on your route, I often have access to special fares which means I can offer you a better price than you will find yourself on the airline's website.

I offer full financial protection, great technology with a unique travel app. I'm backed by the global success story that is Travel Counsellors, with operations in 7 countries worldwide. Travel Counsellors is one of the top 20 best travel management companies across the globe.

If you would like to concentrate on running your business efficiently, put your trust in me and know that your travel plans are in place. I'll save you lots of time, and I will probably save you some money. I already work with middle and senior management of SMEs on their own personal travel, so why not get in touch and find out about the full offering I can bring to you and your company? I'll be an extension of your own company, arranging your travel the way you want it.

Want a holiday instead? No problem, I've got that covered too with the ability to offer any destination and type of holiday you're looking for.

When travel matters to you, put your trust in me.

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