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Digitav has a great track record in delivering Cloud Business Systems and CRMs. Our clients have featured on the BBC and have been visited by Government Ministers. Fast, efficient automated websites and systems to help you and your business.

We also specialise in connecting your website to booking sites (via an API) to save you money on commission payments. Sites such as pitch up for camping and caravan sites.

Most businesses have a degree of automation when it comes to managing their own systems but are often unaware of how they can automate their business systems from end to end with all data being under one roof, in the cloud. Accessing information on any device, from anywhere with an Internet connection (or even when the Internet is not always available). Some businesses rely on spreadsheets or paper based systems.

The problem is....

Some CRMs and other platforms work independently of other systems and data is often held in different locations. This can cause delays and problems matching data. Spreadsheets can be difficult to use where more than one person needs access and paper based systems are inefficient.

The truth is, if all your activity is carried out by one bespoke, custom coded system and all the data is held in one place, in the cloud, how much easier is it to maximise the use of that data across the whole of your business? Well, it is amazingly easy.

Our clients are often amazed at the increase in the speed of their activities. This allows much more time to do other things without hiring more staff.

You see, Digitav Bespoke Business Systems are about;

✔️ Automating everything that can be automated
✔️ Capturing all your data in one database
✔️ Developing Business Intelligence Strategies more easily
✔️ Entering data once and propagating it everywhere it needs to be
✔️ Managing leads, sales, performance and anything else with ease
✔️ Producing reports on anything and over any date range
✔️ Saving time and doing more

We provide the ultimate custom coded, designed to fit your business, system that will boost your business and enable you to get more done without hiring more staff.

Digitav clients include Businesses of all sizes (B2B and B2C), Government Departments, Local Councils, and many more.

We help them boost their business performance to higher levels. We provide Graphic Design, Website Design and Digital Marketing too.

If you feel that we can help your business or even if you are just looking for some advice, just get in touch.

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